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RE: Q on read-file-name and completion-ignored-extensions

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Q on read-file-name and completion-ignored-extensions
Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2006 14:10:05 -0800

    It is always dangerous to jump into a long thread you have not read,
    but, just in case it might be useful, here is part of what
    `(elisp)File Name Completion' says about completion-ignored-extensions:

     -- User Option: completion-ignored-extensions
         `file-name-completion' usually ignores file names that end in any
         string in this list.  It does not ignore them when all the possible
         completions end in one of these suffixes.  This variable has no
         effect on `file-name-all-completions'.


That seems to corroborate my feeling that either there is a bug (on Windows)
or the doc string for `completion-ignored-extensions' is incorrect.

In my test, there were other files present, with other extensions, so the
next-to-the-last sentence above does not apply. But it's good to know, and,
I'd suggest, should be included in the doc string as well!

The last sentence above also seems to corroborate my understanding that the
"does not affect lists of possible completions" text in the doc string is
about functions like `file-name-all-completions' (I mentioned
`all-completions'), rather than being about the list in buffer

I say only "seems to", because there is nothing here that flatly contradicts
Stefan's interpretation.

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