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address@hidden: recent CVS has aspell error]

From: Richard M. Stallman
Subject: address@hidden: recent CVS has aspell error]
Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2006 22:31:27 -0500

Would someone please DTRT about this, and ack?

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Date: Sun, 22 Jan 2006 23:04:11 +0000
From: Chris Kuklewicz <address@hidden>
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Subject: recent CVS has aspell error
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Short version : Emacs can no longer use spell checking

I have been using a CVS derived carbon build of emacs on OS X for some
time, and this new version has a bug running /usr/local/bin/aspell:

In GNU Emacs (powerpc-apple-darwin8.4.0)
 of 2006-01-19 on Reason.local
X server distributor `Apple Computers', version 10.4.4
configured using `configure '--without-x' '--with-kerboros'
'--with-kerberos5' '--prefix=/usr/local''

I have been using this version of aspell for some time:

/usr/local/bin/aspell -v
@(#) International Ispell Version 3.1.20 (but really Aspell 0.60.2)

The error occurs when Emacs tries to start "ispell".  The *Messages*
buffer shows this when I call "ispell-buffer"

Loading ispell...done
Starting new Ispell process...
Spell checking *scratch* using aspell with default dictionary...
Spell-checking using aspell with default dictionary done
ispell-get-line: Wrong type argument: stringp, nil

The value for ispell-program-name is "/usr/local/bin/aspell", derived
from the default list expression:
 (locate-file "aspell" exec-path exec-suffixes 'file-executable-p)

This error prevents me from spell checking anything within Emacs.  This
is a show stopper for documents.

This error is independent of my ~/.emacs file (I moved it out of the way
and it had no effect). If my ~/.aspell.conf would be interesting, then I
could send it.  But I tried moving it out of the way and nothing improved.

I checked that this error is still present in CVS from now:
$ date
Sun Jan 22 23:00:31 GMT 2006

Looking as emacs/lisp/ChangeLog indicates that ispell and flyspell code
has been changed recently.  So I expect that this is mainly bad timing
on my part.

This error did not occur for my previous checkout(s) from CVS.  In
particular the next-most-recent which I have now reverted to is this

In GNU Emacs (powerpc-apple-darwin8.2.0)
 of 2005-07-30 on Reason.local
X server distributor `Apple Computers', version 10.4.4
configured using `configure '--without-x' '--prefix=/usr/local''

This older works flawlessly.  It finds /usr/local/bin/aspell and calls
it without a hitch.  I cannot see any difference in how Emacs is
configured between the old and new versions.

  Chris Kuklewicz

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