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Re: move-beginning-of-line misbehaves on wrapped-line invisible text - r

From: Ken Manheimer
Subject: Re: move-beginning-of-line misbehaves on wrapped-line invisible text - recent cvs checkout
Date: Thu, 26 Jan 2006 19:19:09 -0500

this is working great for me!  (and i think the
cursor-display-before-ellipsis problem you mention was annoying me,
too, i'm glad it's gone!)

+1 on your version of the move-beginning-of-line, here.


On 1/25/06, Lőrentey Károly <address@hidden> wrote:
> Ken Manheimer <address@hidden> writes:
> > i now have a fix i'm more confident about, because (1) it takes care
> > of another problem i noticed, even with my previous fix, and (2) it
> > departs less from the checked-in version of the function, leaving less
> > room for betrayal of unfamiliar concerns.
> I propose the following change instead, which, in addition to
> incorporating your fix, restores the useful special handling of field
> boundaries.  As noted in another thread, C-a and C-e behaviour is
> currently broken in the minibuffer, in *shell* buffers, in entry
> fields in customization buffers, and all other places where fields are
> used.  This makes `move-{beginning,end}-of-line' inconsistent with the
> original `{beginning,end}-of-line' commands (which are still
> available) and the underlying `line-{beginning,end}-position'
> functions.
> Meanwhile, I committed two (hopefully non-controversial) related fixes
> in CVS; the first is for an annoying cursor display problem when point
> is just before an ellipsis coming from an invisible overlay.  The
> second fixed `constrain-to-field' to always return the right result
> when new-pos or old-pos is on a field boundary.

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