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Re: thumbs.el and transparency

From: Mathias Dahl
Subject: Re: thumbs.el and transparency
Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2006 13:08:36 +0100
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"Robert J. Chassell" <address@hidden> writes:

> I tried `tumme-show-all-from-dir' but it took a long time.  It was in
> a directory with lots of images.  It is vital that you add them
> incrementally.  


> Your limit makes sense the way the function is written now.  My main
> image directory has many images in it.

Mine too, so I mark the images I want to look at, using the
window configuration that suits me best at the time, and then use C-t
d. As I use "follow mode", tumme will track the correct thumbnail in
the thumbnail buffer when I go up/down in dired. And the other way
around if I am in thumbnail buffer.

> I do not know how others work,
> but if they are like me, then in practice, the function will fail
> because of directories with lots of images.

People seem to work very differently. I have several thousand images
in my dir, trying to show them all as thumbnail would not be logical
at all for me, even if the thumbnail creation was asynchronous or similar.

> Also, it is no good to click on the image to find its name.  That
> takes too long.  And that action did not give me the other information
> that comes in dired.

See above. The idea is to keep dired buffer open so that you will see
which thumbnail that matches which file in dired.

> gimv does provide the name, size, and date of the image.  Moreover, it
> is quicker and works incrementally.

I wrote tumme because it did a job I could not find in any other image
viewer. If gimv works for you, good!

> Later, after trying `M-x tumme-dired' again, I switched to another,
> non-tumme buffer.  At that point, I lost the window configuration that
> had the three tumme buffers.  As far as I know, there is some way to
> save such configurations, but I don't know it.

You can save a window configuration to a register if you want to,
using `window-configuration-to-register'. Nothing I use myself though.

> All the tumme commands should work in all the tumme buffers.

Can you elaborate? All tumme thumbnail commands work in the thumbnail
buffers, all tumme-commands to be used from dired work in dired and
all commands that should work in the didplay buffer (not many) works
in the display buffer.

> `tumme-display-thumbs' should run in a regular dired buffer, calling
> whatever is necessary the first time.  Currently, that command is
> bound to `C-t d', but might be bound differently in the future, a
> keybinding that fits with the other dired commands.  You should not
> have to run a special `tumme-dired' command.

You don't have to! Load tumme.el and setup the keybindings by calling
`tumme-setup-dired-keybindings'. Then go to ANY dired buffer with
images. Mark some files and do C-t d. Voila! Thumbnail images
displayed in the thumbnail buffer.

But, the thumbnail buffer is not displayed by default. I created a
experimental command that does, however, which I posted yesterday. Try
binding that to C-t d instead and see if it works better for you.

> The good news is that saving a resized image did work.  On my system,
> `tumme-temp-image-file' is ~/.tumme/.tumme_temp, so
>     cp ~/.tumme/.tumme_temp ~/foo.jpg
> That works fine.

Yes, and there should also probably be a command that does that for
the user.

Thanks for testing, all comments are valuable! A pity that they come
this late though...

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