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RE: should search ring contain duplicates?

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: should search ring contain duplicates?
Date: Fri, 5 May 2006 19:05:12 -0700

    >     A related feature that specifies the maximum length of
    >     the history list
    >     uses the `history-length' _property_ of the history list _symbol_
    >     to override the default value of the _variable_ `history-length'
    >     for a particular history list.  Exactly the same thing could be
    >     implemented for `history-delete-duplicates', i.e. the property
    >     `history-delete-duplicates' would override its default value
    >     for a particular history list.

    The first part of this paragraph is not a proposal.  It describes
    how `history-length' already uses the property of the history symbol.
    The Lisp code of `add-to-history' Kim submitted to this list,
    demonstrates very simple implementation of this functionality as:

        (or (get history-var 'history-length) history-length)

    I proposed to do the same for history-delete-duplicates,
    i.e. to use the following condition in `add-to-history':

        (or (get history-var 'history-delete-duplicates)

    So my proposal is not very complex, and I don't think Richard replied to
    my email.

Well, as I said, I do not understand what Richard was referring to - that's
why I asked. He mentioned a proposal "involving properties to control
lengths. It was very complex."

Your proposal involves properties to control lengths. Mine doesn't have
anything to do with that, and I don't see anything else in the thread about
that. I can't speak to the complexity of your proposal, but mine seems
trivial to implement, understand, use, and document.

I guess we'll just have to wait until Richard decides to enlightens us as to
what he meant.

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