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C-f in isearch minibuffer (was: should search ring contain duplicates?)

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: C-f in isearch minibuffer (was: should search ring contain duplicates?)
Date: Thu, 11 May 2006 14:59:03 +0300
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> I think this is a good idea.  This would help to get rid of a new
> useless argument `keep-all' added a few months ago to the function
> `read-from-minibuffer' only for the sake of query-replace.
> Since query-replace is the only place in Emacs that uses this new argument,
> it is better to remove it now before the release, and to use a new
> macro `history-push' in `query-replace-read-to' to treat the query-replace
> history specially.

This reminds me of another misfeature.  C-f typed at the end of the
isearch's minibuffer that pulls characters from the parent buffer is
not user-friendly.  With recently proposed special commands like `M-.'
in the minibuffer to pull things from the parent buffer to be implemented
in the next release, I think it is better to get rid of this misfeature
before this release:

Index: lisp/isearch.el
RCS file: /sources/emacs/emacs/lisp/isearch.el,v
retrieving revision 1.288
diff -c -r1.288 isearch.el
*** lisp/isearch.el     5 May 2006 23:37:31 -0000       1.288
--- lisp/isearch.el     11 May 2006 11:55:45 -0000
*** 418,425 ****
      (define-key map "\M-\t" 'isearch-complete-edit)
      (define-key map "\C-s"  'isearch-forward-exit-minibuffer)
      (define-key map "\C-r"  'isearch-reverse-exit-minibuffer)
-     (define-key map "\C-f"  'isearch-yank-char-in-minibuffer)
-     (define-key map [right] 'isearch-yank-char-in-minibuffer)
    "Keymap for editing isearch strings in the minibuffer.")
--- 418,423 ----
*** 1322,1338 ****
          (goto-char isearch-other-end))
       (buffer-substring-no-properties (point) (funcall jumpform)))))
- (defun isearch-yank-char-in-minibuffer (&optional arg)
-   "Pull next character from buffer into end of search string in minibuffer."
-   (interactive "p")
-   (if (eobp)
-       (insert
-        (save-excursion
-          (set-buffer (cadr (buffer-list)))
-          (buffer-substring-no-properties
-           (point) (progn (forward-char arg) (point)))))
-     (forward-char arg)))
  (defun isearch-yank-char (&optional arg)
    "Pull next character from buffer into search string."
    (interactive "p")
--- 1341,1346 ----

Juri Linkov

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