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RE: bind faces?

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: bind faces?
Date: Sun, 14 May 2006 11:43:23 -0700

    > If I understand Stefan's point, it is that redisplay does not
    > automatically occur just because you've made a face binding
    > and changed some text
    > properties.

    Yes, Emacs does redisplay automatically, but not while executing Lisp.
    Only when all execution is done and the control comes back to
    the toplevel.
    So in my example, the redisplay takes place after the `let' is finished.

    But even if you force redisplay within the `let', that doesn't
    mean that it
    won't be done again later (maybe because you (de)iconify windows, ...).

    In that case, would you want the subsequent auto-redisplay to take the
    let-face into account or is it OK if it reverts the display to
    the default definition of the face?

If I understand the problem/question, I'd say that any (re-)display
(explicit by program, automatic, or provoked by user action such as
iconification) after the let is finished (outside its scope) should show the
original face, not the face as bound inside the let. And any redisplay (no
matter how initiated) while the let is in effect should show the face as
bound inside the let.

I suspect I might be missing the point of your question, however. If so,
perhaps you can detect what I'm missing and let me know.

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