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Re: C-h K and C-h F in the Help menu

From: Slawomir Nowaczyk
Subject: Re: C-h K and C-h F in the Help menu
Date: Sun, 21 May 2006 11:31:46 +0200

On Sun, 21 May 2006 00:48:00 +0200
David Kastrup <address@hidden> wrote:

#>>>>> Not a good idea since the navigation in HTML is much worse than
#>>>>> in info-mode.

#>>> We don't want to lead users into dead ends, even if it is easy to
#>>> do.

#> The navigation is in the menus 

Those are all true... but the usefulness depends on how do you intend
to use the manual.

#> and you page forward with space and backward with backspace.

I have the same in my web browser.

#> No, I don't think that an external reader is useful for somebody
#> learning Emacs.

Well, it depends... I have, for example, an ancient handheld for which
I believe no info reader exists. I do have a html browser there,
though. I often use it to read various stuff when I have some free
time while travelling, for example. Having an opportunity to read
emacs manual would be nice.

Besides, my emacs is optimised for *writing* stuff, while my web
browser is optimised for *reading* stuff. I use fixed-width font in
emacs, for example, and proportional in web browser.

Sure, if I just want to check something while working, I would use
emacs info reader every day. But sometimes I want to read large chunks
of the manual, in order to learn something.

I *do* see some benefits of html format in such cases.

 Best wishes,
   Slawomir Nowaczyk
     ( address@hidden )

Strange how people who don't even know their neighbors
are extremely curious to know if there's extra-terrestrial life.

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