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RE: Q on performance with 10000 faces

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Q on performance with 10000 faces
Date: Mon, 22 May 2006 18:25:49 -0700

       OK. I pared it down a bit to send along, and then I tried it
       in emacs -q.
       Result: I do not see the huge slowdown in emacs -q. So, there must be
       somthing else that I'm doing in my own environment.

    Anything suspicious on {pre,post}-command-hook?

Bingo - hooks! Actually, I don't know if the stuff is suspicious, but it's
at least worth looking into.

I had some stuff on those two hooks, but even after removing it I have the
slowdown (although seemingly less).

I also have a bunch of stuff on minibuffer-setup-hook and
minibuffer-exit-hook. I'll take a look at that stuff by profiling it when I
get a chance.

Thanks, Luc!

When I do track this down a bit more, I suspect it will be a combination of
things - I've already seen an improvement by getting rid of some stuff on

If that's the case, and given that without the 10000-face palette I do get
good response time, then I will perhaps post the palette code in hopes that
someone can check it and see why it slows things down so much (i.e. see if
the re-display can be optimized a bit more).

IOW, even if the palette code by itself (emacs -q) is not noticeably slow,
and the hook stuff by itself is not noticeably slow, perhaps the 10000 faces
is just too much when added to the hook code. First I need to see if the
hook code is the culprit when combined with palette.


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