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Re: Semi-unhelpful error message given when trying to (provide 'CUA-mode

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: Semi-unhelpful error message given when trying to (provide 'CUA-mode)
Date: Wed, 24 May 2006 20:36:19 -0400

    > How does that compare with what various X toolkits do?

    It is what X toolkits do.  In fact, once the menu is posted, the arrow 
    navigation and RET selection is all done by the toolkit 

In that case, it is clearly the right thing.

    > Since the motive for this would be compatibility with various
    > toolkits, I think it ought to try to choose the accelerators in the
    > same way that the toolkit in use does it.

    Toolkits in general doesn't choose accelerators, the programmers of the 
    applications that uses the toolkit does.  However, many meny entries are 
    similar in a lot of applications (Open/Save/Copy/Paste/...) so we can 
    those to be similar.

I suspect another miscommunication here.  What do you mean by
"accelerators"?  I thought we were talking about typing a letter _once
the menu is active_ to select a given menu item.  Is that what you
mean, too?

How do these get selected, with LessTif and GTK?

(This discussion is for work to be done after the release, if at all.)

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