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Re: Tumme menu in Dired, what to do about it?

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: Tumme menu in Dired, what to do about it?
Date: Thu, 25 May 2006 22:21:37 -0400

    In my opinion, stuff should be there where the user would expect it
    according to its functionality, not according to package boundaries.

I think you are right.  Mathias, could you try out putting each of these
commands into the existing Dired menu where it would fit?

Please try that, and see how it comes out.

If you put them all at the bottom of their menu, and separate them
with a horizontal line, that could help make things clear.

    >> Assuming tumme-tag-remove deletes tags, tumme-tag-delete sounds better.
    > I trust your judgement on this one (my English skills are not good
    > enough).

    I am opposed.  "tumme-tag-delete" sounds like it would delete tagged
    files, not like it would remove tags from files.

I agree.  But I think `tumme-delete-tags' makes it clear.

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