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[C-delete] - should it not be backward-kill-word

From: Lennart Borgman
Subject: [C-delete] - should it not be backward-kill-word
Date: Tue, 04 Jul 2006 23:44:05 +0200
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On w32 it looks like it is instead kill-word. [C-backspace] is wrong the other way.

I wrote this little test to check if key bindings are the default specified in bindings.el:

 (insert-file (locate-library "bindings.el"))
 (let ((rdk)
   (while (condition-case err
              (setq rdk (read (current-buffer)))
            (error nil))
     (setq key nil)
     (cond ((and (eq (nth 0 rdk) 'define-key)
                 (eq (nth 1 rdk) 'global-map))
            (setq key (nth 2 rdk))
            (setq fun (nth 3 rdk))
           ((eq (nth 0 rdk) 'global-set-key)
            (setq key (nth 1 rdk))
            (setq fun (nth 2 rdk))
     (when key
       (assert (eq (nth 0 fun) 'quote))
       (setq fun (nth 1 fun))
       (unless (or (eq (key-binding key) fun)
                   (eq (key-binding key) (command-remapping fun)))
(message "from bindings.el: k=%s f=%s, but key-binding=%s" key fun (key-binding key)))

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