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Re: address@hidden: mouse-autoselect-window needs a de lay]

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: address@hidden: mouse-autoselect-window needs a de lay]
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2006 17:52:41 +0200
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> I do see switches happening before mouse-autoselect-window has elapsed, but
> I haven't figured out why.  It looks as if the timer is just triggered
> early.

In `mouse-autoselect-window-start' please replace

  (run-at-time t delay 'mouse-autoselect-window-select))


  (run-at-time delay delay 'mouse-autoselect-window-select))

Sorry.  I never looked at the implementation of `run-at-time'.  With a
time argument t it calls `timer-next-integral-multiple-of-time' to
recalculate the value of time which gives strange results here.  Recall
that the timer starts running when you cross the window border, not when
you start moving the mouse.

> I would remove references to "timer" in the doc string of
> mouse-autoselect-quiescent, since it refers to an implementation detail not
> a feature.  That terminology is not used by mouse-autoselect-window.

There is one reference, namely

  "Check mouse quiescence in timer-driven window selection."


  "Check mouse quiescence in delayed autoselection of windows."


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