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Re: Canceling dialogues

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: Canceling dialogues
Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2006 19:59:54 -0400

    When Emacs wants to pop the YES/NO dialog, it calls the function
    x-popup-dialog (Fx_popup_dialog), which in the Windows port currently
    creates a menu instead of a dialog and pops that menu.  This function
    (x-popup-dialog) is a general-purpose function, it doesn't know, nor
    care, what it gets as the contents of the dialog.  It isn't called
    only for the YES/NO type of dialog, you can have other dialogs with
    arbitrary long lists of alternatives.

It is ok to add Cancel to every dialog box.
In my setup, which is GNU/Linux with GNOME, every dialog
window has a box with an x to cancel it, and that will have the effect
of causing a quit.  This is useful.

To add a Cancel option on systems which don't present the kill-window
box would be useful too.

If it is inconvenient to determine which systems have the kill-window
box, adding a Cancel option in every dialog would also be ok.
On systems where the window does have a kill-this-window box,
the Cancel option will be redundant, but not harmful.

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