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Re: fix the sscanf usage in etags

From: Jan Djärv
Subject: Re: fix the sscanf usage in etags
Date: Tue, 08 Aug 2006 11:35:02 +0200
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Masatake YAMATO skrev:
Could someone install this patch?


        Jan D.

I have some troubles in my cvs settings.
Thanks in advance.
2006-08-07 Masatake YAMATO <address@hidden>

* etags.c (readline): expect sscanf returns 2, not 1.

--- orig/lib-src/etags.c
+++ mod/lib-src/etags.c
@@ -6296,7 +6296,7 @@
          int start, lno;
if (DEBUG) start = 0; /* shut up the compiler */
-         if (sscanf (lbp->buffer, "#line %d \"%n", &lno, &start) == 1)
+         if (sscanf (lbp->buffer, "#line %d \"%n", &lno, &start) == 2)
              char *endp = lbp->buffer + start;

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