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RE: Why are <next> and <prior> not called <page down> and <page up>?

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Why are <next> and <prior> not called <page down> and <page up>?
Date: Sat, 2 Sep 2006 06:46:52 -0700

    >>     May I then suggest a little smaller change for this
    instead? Could we
    >>     have a human readable table with translations from
    internal key names
    >>     like <paste>, <next> to standard keyboard names? Just
    those names that
    >>     differ should go into the table of course.
    >> That's a good suggestion. It should be phrased in terms of "often
    >> used as labels on many keyboards" etc., to avoid giving the
    >> impression that this is standard; it is common among many keyboards,
    >> but it is by no means standard (there is no standard for such labels
    >> AFAIK).
    > Maybe the "Emacs terminology" info page is a reasonable place for
    > that?  It is not really Emacs terminology, but people might look for
    > it there.

    That is fine for me. (And I think it is about Emacs terminology.)

It is about terminology, but it not much about Emacs terminology. Any other
app that let you talk about keys (e.g. bind them) would have the same
terminological difficulty, because there is a canonical (X11) name for the
key that is different from what is printed on the key itself.

Node "Keys" or somewhere under node "Key Bindings" is where I think someone
would try to look up what these keys are about and what they're called. `i
key' takes you to node "Keys", for instance.

Perhaps mention this in both places (Emacs Terminology and Keys or somewhere
under Key Bindings), by using a cross reference?

Also, we might add index entries for Page Up, Page Down, next, and prior
(though `next' will probably get lots of hits), so someone can get to the
explanation directly.

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