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Re: TeX input method

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: TeX input method
Date: Tue, 03 Oct 2006 09:50:01 -0400
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>> I like the TeX input method and tend to turn it on in ever more buffers.
>> But as I do that I start to bump into cases where it annoys me.
>> Overall it's a pretty discrete input method, but I recently got annoyed by
>> some of the keys it uses.
>> I'm sure other people have other pet peeves, but here are my two main
>> problems and suggestion to fix each.
>> - First problem: ~ is mapped to the non-breaking space.  It actually took me
>> a while to understand why my ~ key didn't insert a tilde: TeX usually only
>> fiddles with key sequences, so you get to see visually that thjere's
>> something going on (because of the underscored text, and the echo area
>> output).  I suggest to leave ~ alone and use `\ SPC' for nbsp.

> That is strictly wrong, since `\ ' means a breakable space of standard
> width in TeX.

It's not strictly wrong because: the TeX input method != the TeX language.
BTW, do you have a counter suggestion for how to deal with the inconvenience
of mapping ~ to nbsp?


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