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Re: Quote file name args to start-process-shell-command?

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Quote file name args to start-process-shell-command?
Date: Sun, 15 Oct 2006 20:14:39 -0400
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>> The notion of what is simpler is clearly objective and we may never agree,
> That is exactly why I asked for _your_ notion of ``simpler''.

>> but I may be satisfied by a concrete example which you consider
>> as simpler.

The absence of answer here seems to indicate that you don't have a concrete
example which *you* consider as simpler.  So the potential disagreement
about what is simpler is really not the stumbling block.

> Well, the function exists in this form for many years (at least 12).
> I'm guessing that the &rest args form was to make it similar to
> start-process or something, but that's just a guess.

Yes, that's my guess as well.  Doesn't mean that it was a good decision,
since it is misleading to think that it works like start-process.
Anyway, that's post-22 stuff.


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