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Re: integration with Python mode

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: integration with Python mode
Date: Sun, 07 Jan 2007 17:18:27 -0500
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>> >> > I'd like to build support of Python mode into my Typesetter minor
>> >> > mode [1].  In particular, I don't want it to insert special characters
>> >> > outside of Python strings (and maybe comments.)  How do I determine if
>> >> > the point is inside a string in Python mode?
>> >> How do you do it in other major modes?  I don't think python-mode is 
>> >> special
>> >> in this respect.
>> > Well, I heavily depend on major mode.
>> That doesn't tell me "how you do it" in other major modes.
>> E.g. how do you do it in C mode?

> I use `c-in-literal' and `c-literal-limits'.  If `syntax-ppss'
> works with all modes (i.e. more generic), I should use that one
> instead, of course.

syntax-ppss should work with more or less all modes, but it may not be
100% in all modes, depending on how faithfully syntax-tables can express the
language's lexical rules.

>> >> > Is there a better way than checking 'face property?
>> >> How 'bout (nth 3 (syntax-ppss <pos>)) ?
>> > Thanks.  Documentation says it parses Lisp syntax, however.
>> Report it as a documentation bug.

> Uh, can it be just fixed, without additional bureacracy?

Yes, except I'm not sure how to fix it, so it's better to bring it to the
attention of other people.

> AFAIK there isn't even a bug tracker for Emacs, though I may be
> wrong here.

M-x report-emacs-bug will send an email to the proper place.  Much quicker
to use than a bug-tracker.


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