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Re: Suggestion on completion

From: Herbert Euler
Subject: Re: Suggestion on completion
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2007 09:56:20 +0800

> name would no longer make sense.  So I think it is better to add
> a new variable `completion-ignored-names'.  Those names would be
> checked for an exact match.

It could be a regexp rather than a list of precise names.

Suppose we add a variable `completion-ignored-names-regexp' that a
name would not be provided as a first completion if it matches one of
the names in this variable and there are other names that do not
match any names in this variable.

Then we can say that, the cases that `completion-ignored-extensions'
and `completion-ignored-names' can handle are only special cases, or
``subsets'' that `completion-ignored-names-regexp' can handle.

How about adding the variable `completion-ignored-names-regexp', and
making `completion-ignored-extensions' a deprecated variable and the
same as `completion-ignored-names-regexp'?

Please give me suggestions on this design, especially on making the
deprecated variable.  I'm not sure whether it is Ok along with Emacs'
policy, and I think Stefan's way is really elegant.  I need an
approach from discussing, or I cannot start writing.


Guanpeng Xu

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