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Re: report-emacs-bug and *mail* buffer.

From: Katsumi Yamaoka
Subject: Re: report-emacs-bug and *mail* buffer.
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2007 18:12:47 +0900
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>>>>> In <address@hidden> Richard Stallman wrote:

>>                   although I think it doesn't solve the problem
>>     that `sendmail-user-agent' overrides an existing *mail* buffer.

>> I am not sure what that means, or whether it is really a problem,
>> but it is certainly a different issue.  If you want to raise it,
>> please send a bug report about it.

>     That's what Michaël Cadilhac reported in <address@hidden>.
>     Or I misunderstood it?

> I think there is some sort of misunderstanding here, but I don't
> know what it is.  address@hidden does not seem to say
> anything about this.  It talks about whether `new' is implemented
> in OTHER mail user agents.

We might have seen the report from a different viewpoint, but I
could reproduce exactly the problem:

>>>>> In <address@hidden> Michaël Cadilhac wrote:

> Create a new mail with Gnus with `m'. The buffer is called `*mail*'.
> Now use M-x report-emacs-bug : your Gnus mail is converted to
> mail-mode and asked for deletion. Even if you say no to deletion, the
> buffer is converted to mail-mode, but if you really want to make a bug
> report, you can't until you've close your Gnus *mail*.

The causes are:

1. A user leaves `mail-user-agent' the default, which is
   `sendmail-user-agent', even if he is a Gnus user.

2. `report-emacs-bug' calls `sendmail-user-agent-compose' by way
   of `compose-mail' because of `sendmail-user-agent'.

3. `sendmail-user-agent-compose' calls `mail', and `mail' runs
   `mail-mode' unconditionally in the *mail* buffer having
   already existed.

Michaël Cadilhac's patch makes `report-emacs-bug' give the symbol
`new' as the fourth argument CONTINUE to `compose-mail'.  A non-nil
value of CONTINUE is normally used to reuse an existing *mail*
buffer in order to compose a mail.  However, the value `new' is
special in at least `sendmail-user-agent-compose' and `mail'.
It has not been documented AFAIK, but it makes `mail' use a new
*mail* buffer.  It indeed solves the problem, but I wrote:

>>>>> In <address@hidden> Katsumi Yamaoka wrote:

> Anyway, that Gnus users set `mail-user-agent' to `gnus-user-agent'
> is the best, I think.


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