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Re: etags: M-. looks for an uncompressed Emacs Lisp source file, but mak

From: Luca Saiu
Subject: Re: etags: M-. looks for an uncompressed Emacs Lisp source file, but make install installs it gzipped
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2007 13:34:26 +0200
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Francesco Potorti` wrote:
>> When looking up a tag referring a compressed ELisp file with M-.,
>> Emacs fails to find the correct file, as it tries to open a non-existing
>> *uncompressed* version.
> I think this is because you have auto-compression-mode disabled.

Well, no. See the last part of my bug report: auto-compression-mode is t.

> Can you try after doing M-x auto-compression-mode RET?

This is interesting.

I did it (so *disabling* auto-compression mode), and Emacs actually
changed behavior: etags-goto-tag-location displayed this in the minibuffer:

Rerun etags: `^(defun goto-line ' not found in

Note that now Emacs tries to load the *gzipped* file (which, I repeat,
exists and is effectively gzipped).

/home/luca/usr/share/emacs/22.0.99/lisp/simple.el.gz exists and of
course contains (defun (goto-line ...
, but (this is what I think it happens) when auto-compression-mode is
disabled Emacs can't understand its content any more, because the file
is gzipped.

*Then* I did M-x auto-compression-mode RET again and M-. goto-line RET
again. Same outcome as above. Then I did it again (flip
auto-compression-mode, M-. goto-line), same outcome. And again.
*Whatever* the current value of auto-compression-mode is, from the first
time I flip it, looking for the tag always results in

Rerun etags: `^(defun goto-line ' not found in

I always switched auto-compress-mode on and off with M-x
auto-compression-mode RET, without directly executing Lisp code.

This is independent from my ~/.emacs and ~/.emacs.d . Redoing everything
after having renamed them didn't change the outcome.

An inverted test condition somewhere?

Can't other people reproduce this? It's strange I'm the only one
noticing this.


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Luca Saiu
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