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Re: Calc: `*' binds more strongly than `/'

From: Jay Belanger
Subject: Re: Calc: `*' binds more strongly than `/'
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2007 20:27:44 -0500
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Christian Schlauer <address@hidden> writes:

[from wikipedia]
>>   Proper use of parentheses and other grouping symbols
> I saw those examples, too, but didn't read the text of that section,

The key thing from that section, I think, is the statement that
parentheses should be used generously, and 
   6) Whenever anything can be interpreted multiple ways, put the part
   to be done first in parentheses, to make it clear.

>> Well, wikipedia also says
>>   Calculators
>>   Different calculators follow different orders of operations.
>> and gives several examples.
> But these examples refer to only two cases:

The examples weren't meant to be comprehensive, but only to make the
point that different calculators do things differently.

>> For those that really don't like parentheses, an option to allow the
>> user to decide for themselves the relative precedence of * and / in
>> Calc will be added, of course.
> That sounds good, but what will be the default?

Calc's current behavior will be the default.  It is Calc's established
behavior.  It has its detractors, but it also has its proponents and
its advantages.  I also feel that in any expression where it matters
(whether it's being typed into Calc, Gnumeric or anything else)
the parentheses should be included.  Leaving them out is, in my
opinion, bad style.  (I've been using the word "form"; "style" is
probably a better word.) Anyone who insists on avoiding the
parentheses and wants the alternate behavior can change the option
(which I'll add as soon as changes in Emacs are allowed ...)


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