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Re: Fix in vc-ignore-dir-regexp

From: Josh Triplett
Subject: Re: Fix in vc-ignore-dir-regexp
Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2007 12:30:42 -0700
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Smith wrote:
> Although I have not been bit by it yet, I might need to add in /gsa/ as well
> for the gsa file system.

Stefan Monnier wrote:
> In the mean time I've added /.../ to the vc-ignored-dir regexp as suggested.
> I didn't add the /gsa/ one because I've never heard of the gsa filesystem
> and Google didn't seem to have heard of it either.

GSA doesn't represent a filesystem; it refers to IBM's "Global Storage
Architecture", which to the best of my knowledge only exists inside IBM.  It
provides network-accessible storage for IBM employees, available via various
protocols, and generally kept on servers close to the employee's location in
network topology.  IBMers often mount it on /gsa .  Some use /gsa to refer to
the entire hierarchy, with paths like /gsa/server/path, and some use /gsa to
refer to their home server or home directory, with paths like /gsa/path; in
the latter case, VC *should* search /gsa.  I don't think vc-ignored-dir should
include paths based on IBM-internal services and conventions, particularly
when those conventions vary. :)

Hope that helps,
Josh Triplett

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