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Re: new image library "requirements"

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: new image library "requirements"
Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2007 10:18:41 +0200
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> Maybe it should make a human-understandable report of missing
> functionality at the very end of the configure run:

I support that.

> ----  WARNING ----
> The following functionalities will be missing in your compilation of
> Emacs because of missing development libraries (specify
> -without-FEATURE to omit warning about such a missing feature):
> jpeg: used for displaying jpeg image files
> tiff: used for displaying tiff image files
> xpm: used for displaying xpm image files and color icons
> alsa: used for playing sounds from within Emacs

Including a short description of the consequences when such a
functionality is missing.

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