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Re: dired-details: show/hide file details in Dired

From: Rob Giardina
Subject: Re: dired-details: show/hide file details in Dired
Date: Tue, 3 Jul 2007 23:53:18 -0400

I planned to install Drew's tweaks so that the natural dired behavior worked more elegantly; I didn't handle some cases related to updates to a dired buffer and Drew's changes fixed that.

On Jul 3, 2007, at 11:43 PM, Richard Stallman wrote:

How about also installing the enhancements provided by dired- details+.el?

Once dired-details.el is installed, please post a copy
and we can think about which of its features we want to install.

1. Update the hide/show overlays automatically whenever you create new files or directories or rename existing files or directories. This means tweaking
    the definitions of `dired-byte-compile', `dired-compress',
`dired-create-files' and `dired-create-directory' (instead of advising

That sounds useful. What precisely are the "hide/show overlays", though?
Which feature uses them?  Is that something in dired-details?

That's the heart of dired-details. It's just a loop over the lines of ls -l output to make the hairy parts invisible using an overlay.

2. Provide a user option, `dired-details-propagate-flag' which, if non-nil, propagates the last hide/show state you chose to the next Dired buffer you

I would rather not install that.

I was going to look at that more closely to see if there's anything risky about it. If it's just a flag I was going to add it but in the interests of harmony I could wait.


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