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Re: patch: handle PS/PDF in Gnus

From: Jan Djärv
Subject: Re: patch: handle PS/PDF in Gnus
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2007 11:35:39 +0200
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Jason Rumney skrev:
> On Windows, there are two dialogs involved in printing. The "Page Setup"
> dialog for choosing papertype, margins, features like 2-up etc, and the
> Print Dialog, where you can choose the printer, print quality, and other
> features.

Gtk+ has this also.

> Due to the number of things you can set in both these dialogs, I think
> the interface could be a function that takes a list of properties to use
> for initialising the dialog, and returns a list of properties reflecting
> the user's choices. If some options are not supported on some platforms,
> they can just be ignored, or defaults returned.

Since the setup and print dialog are platform specific, why not just keep the
settings in data structures in the C code?  That would simplify things.  On
the other hand, it would probably be harder to save/restore between Emacs
sessions, if that is what we want.

        Jan D.

> Page Setup Dialog
>   :units [hundredths-of-mm|thousandths-of-inch]
>   :paper-dimensions (x y)
>   :min-margins [(left top right bottom)|default]
>   :margins [(left top right bottom)|disable]
>   :device (driver-name printer-name port-name)
>   :enable-network [nil|t]
>   :device-mode (:printer-friendly-name
>                 :orientation [portrait|landscape|disable]
>                 :paper-size [letter|legal|a4....|disable]
>                 :paper-length
>                 :paper-width
>                 :scale-percent
>                 :copies
>                 :paper-source [auto|cassette|envelope|first|upper|lower...]
>                 :print-quality [high|medium|low|draft]
>                 :color [t|nil]
>                 :duplex [t|nil]
>                 :y-dpi
>                 :font [bitmap|download|download-outline|substitute]
>                 :collate [t|nil]
>                 :form-name
>                 :n-up [spooler|application]
>                 :icm-method [none|system|driver|device]
>                 :icm-intent
> [abs-color-imetric|color-imetric|contrast|saturate]
>                 :media [plain|glossy|transparency|driver defined integer]
>                 :dither
> [none|coarse|fine|line-art|error-diffusion|grayscale]
> Print Dialog
>   :device (driver-name printer-name port-name)
>   :device-mode (see above)
>   :enable-pages [nil|t]
>   :enable-selection [nil|t]
>   :pages (from to)|all|selection
>   :enable-print-to-file [nil|t]
>   :to-file [nil|t]
>   :enable-network [nil|t]
>   :copies
>   :collate [nil|t]
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