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Re: mode-line under vc

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: mode-line under vc
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2007 10:11:08 +0200
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Nick Roberts <address@hidden> writes:

> I generally like the changes to the mode-line for files under version control
> but have a few suggestions:
> 1) "Edited file" sounds a bit ambiguous to me, like maybe I haven't saved my
>    changes. "Locally Modified" is what CVS uses with "cvs status", and this
>    seems clearer to me.
> 2) Do we really need to explain that "CVS" in the mode-line means
>   "under the CVS version control system" in the help-echo?  It's kind of
>   long and seems a bit repetitive, unlike explaining the difference between
>   ":" and "-" which _is_ obscure.

Hey, actually I would want to add "+" to it as well.  The reason is
that I would like the workflow of pcl-cvs (and its ilk) without the

Let's face it: the normal use case for version control nowadays is to
check in _changesets_, not single-file changes.  So I want to be able
to _stage_ a file (instead of checking it in), with changelog
composition being only on demand.  And then check in all staged files
with a single command (and also have the C-x v = command or a variant,
maybe C-x V =, looking at all staged files).  git actually makes
staging an explicit process reflected in the file system (the file
gets added to the "index") which means that there is, in theory, even
a fourth state "/": namely a saved file with a different version
staged.  Maybe one should use two letters here: "-" for nothing
pending, ":-" for unstaged modifications, ":" for staged
modifications, "::" for modifications not corresponding to the staged
modifications, "-:" staged modifications but a reverted file.  Whether
or not one should provide interfaces for getting into all those
situations is a different question.

vc has the concept of "snapshots" and "dired under vc".  I think one
should possibly extend on that.  Nowadays, it is pretty much
indispensible to work with PCL-whatever for much work.  Being able to
fold this into the vc framework would help people to support the
exploding plethora of version control systems.

David Kastrup

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