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Re: etags.el tags-search use global syntax table

From: Francesco Potorti`
Subject: Re: etags.el tags-search use global syntax table
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2007 16:21:42 +0200

>> A reasonable compromise would be using for searching the same syntax
>> table of the buffer that is current when the tags-search command is
>> issued.  This would not work in various situations, but would work in
>> most cases, and probably would work in many more cases than the current
>> situation.
>You can initiate a tags search from any buffer, independent of the list
>of files indexed by the tags file, thus you may get different results
>depending on where you started it.

Yes.  Until now we have two different ways to go:

1. Leave everything as it is.  This means that invoking tags-search on
   Latex files will not recover the "\bx\b" pattern even if some of the
   files contain the "$x = y*z" string, no matter form where you start
   the search

2. Apply the change I propose.  This means that the search will recover
   the desiderd pattern in the usual case of starting the search from a
   Latex buffer, but will not recover it if you start the search from a
   text buffer

Does anyone have any opinion on the above alternatives, or any
additional alternative to suggest?

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