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RE: Scratch buffer annoyance

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Scratch buffer annoyance
Date: Sat, 21 Jul 2007 11:52:53 -0700

> >> splash screen could contain links to the most common initial actions:
> >>
> >> [Visit home directory]
> >> [Open new file]
> >> [Open buffer for notes you don't want to save]
> >> [Emacs Tutorial]
> >> [Emacs FAQ]
> >> [Read the Emacs Manual]
> >> ...
> >
> > it might be better to change the sequence to
> >
> >  [Open new file]
> >  [Visit home directory]
> >  ...
> In the latest patch, the order is the following:
> [Create New File]        Visit new file.
> [Visit Home Directory]   Visit home directory.
> [Visit *scratch* Buffer] Visit buffer for notes you don't want
>                          to save, and for Lisp evaluation.

1. I agree about the order: create new file first.

2. Instead of [Visit *scratch* Buffer], it should say [Visit Scratch Lisp

3. We should get rid of the descriptions next to the links. "Visit new file"
is wrong, anyway; "Create New File" is better on its own. "Visit home
directory" adds nothing. "Scratch" implies not automatically saving - think
of scratch pad and scratch paper.

If we must have descriptions next to the links, then use this for *scratch*:
"Visit buffer *scratch* for Lisp interaction that is not saved

4. Instead of [Visit home directory], it should say [Visit directory]. Which
directory to visit should be customizable, with `~/' as the default value.
Add an option `splash-screen-directory-to-visit' to custom group

5. Option `visit-on-startup' should be in a new custom group,
`startup-display'. This would be a child of group `initialization', and it
would include custom group `fancy-splash-screen' as a subgroup.
(`visit-on-startup' does not belong in group `fancy-splash-screen'.)

6. The final link of the splash screen, [Customize Startup Display], would
then send you to the customize buffer for this group, `startup-display',
which would show this:

  `visit-on-startup' [Hide Value] [Value Menu]
  What to show/visit on startup.

  `fancy-splash-screen' group: Go to Group
  Fancy splash screen when Emacs starts.

7. BTW, if we add `visit-on-startup', do we still need
`inhibit-splash-screen'? (no)

8. Here's a summary of the new custom stuff proposed:

(defgroup startup-display ()
  "Options for what is displayed when Emacs starts up."
  :version "22" :group 'initialization)

(defcustom visit-on-startup "~/"
  "What Emacs visits initially."
  :type '(choice
          (directory :tag "Directory"      :value "~/")
          (file      :tag "File"           :value "~/new.txt")
          (const     :tag "Scratch buffer" :value "*scratch*")
          (const     :tag "Splash screen"  nil))
  :group 'startup-display)

(defgroup fancy-splash-screen ()
  "Fancy splash screen when Emacs starts."
  :version "21.1" :group 'startup-display)

(defcustom splash-screen-directory-to-visit "~/"
  "Directory to visit when you click [Visit directory] on splash screen."
  :version "22" :group 'fancy-splash-screen)

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