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address@hidden: url-basic-auth -- default user/password prompt to values

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: address@hidden: url-basic-auth -- default user/password prompt to values from URL]
Date: Wed, 08 Aug 2007 20:07:21 -0400

Would someone please install this patch, then ack?

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To: address@hidden
From: Edward O'Connor <address@hidden>
Date: Fri, 03 Aug 2007 23:30:22 -0400
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Subject: url-basic-auth -- default user/password prompt to values from URL

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Hi all,

I've been hacking a bit on some code that uses url.el to talk to a
website which uses HTTP Basic authentication. I'm specifying the
username/password combination in the URL itself, and yet
`url-basic-auth' prompts me for my username and password.

Fixing that looks potentially complicated, so I thought an incremental
improvement would be for the prompts to pre-populate with the URL's
username/password combo. A patch is attached that does just that. It
would be great if this made it in before 22.2.

Here's a ChangeLog entry:

2007-08-04  Edward O'Connor  <address@hidden>

        * url/url-auth.el (url-basic-auth): When prompting for username
          and password, default to the username and password in the URL.

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Content-Description: default user/password prompt to values from URL

cvs diff: Diffing .
Index: url-auth.el
RCS file: /sources/emacs/emacs/lisp/url/url-auth.el,v
retrieving revision 1.14
diff -u -r1.14 url-auth.el
- --- url-auth.el       26 Jul 2007 05:27:36 -0000      1.14
+++ url-auth.el 4 Aug 2007 03:18:35 -0000
@@ -68,7 +68,9 @@
         (server (url-host href))
         (port (url-port href))
         (path (url-filename href))
- -      user pass byserv retval data)
+         (user (url-user href))
+         (pass (url-password href))
+         byserv retval data)
     (setq server (format "%s:%d" server port)
          path (cond
                (realm realm)
@@ -79,8 +81,8 @@
      ((and prompt (not byserv))
       (setq user (read-string (url-auth-user-prompt url realm)
- -                           (user-real-login-name))
- -         pass (read-passwd "Password: "))
+                             (or user (user-real-login-name)))
+           pass (read-passwd "Password: " nil (or pass "")))
       (set url-basic-auth-storage
           (cons (list server
                       (cons path

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