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RE: propose: dired-isearch.el --- isearch in Dired

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: propose: dired-isearch.el --- isearch in Dired
Date: Sat, 11 Aug 2007 18:02:38 -0700

>    > FWIW, my guess is that most people will end up leaving those fields
>    > invisible much of the time, once they find out about dired-details.
>    In OSes like Windows XP, maybe this is true. But in *nix, i think those
>    "details" are still very valuable to be visible.
> William Xu is right.  Having found out about dired-details, I will
> never use it again.  As a practical matter, I often search for
> permissions and sort by time.
> Different people do different things.

Your last sentence makes sense, and argues against your first one. It's
about personal preference, not about right vs wrong, correct vs incorrect.

FWIW, I often sort by time too - very often. But often I'm interested mainly
in the chronological order and I don't really care about seeing the exact
times. Different people sometimes do the same thing differently.

No one is proposing to take away your valuable details. This is a discussion
about isearch in Dired. If you "often search for permissions", then that is
an argument for keeping the normal isearch bindings. So we agree.

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