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Re: CVS HEAD fails to build on OSX 10.4 (macterm.c broken?)

From: YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu
Subject: Re: CVS HEAD fails to build on OSX 10.4 (macterm.c broken?)
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2007 09:33:29 +0900
User-agent: Wanderlust/2.14.0 (Africa) SEMI/1.14.6 (Maruoka) FLIM/1.14.8 (Shij┼Ź) APEL/10.6 Emacs/23.0.50 (sparc-sun-solaris2.8) MULE/5.0 (SAKAKI)

>>>>> On Wed, 29 Aug 2007 09:28:53 -0700, Dan Nicolaescu <address@hidden> said:

> address@hidden (Randal L. Schwartz) writes:
>> >>>>> "Dan" == Dan Nicolaescu <address@hidden> writes:
Dan> Just deleting the (eval-when-compile (require 'url)) might
Dan> work. You'd get some byte compile warnings. Unfortunately I don't
Dan> have access to a mac, so I can't test this..
>> That's presuming url.el doesn't define any macros then. :)

> Inspecting the code shows that only autoloaded functions are used
> from url, so I deleted that require in CVS.

No.  url-type used below is a macro.

(defun mac-ae-get-url (event)
  "Open the URL specified by the Apple event EVENT.
Currently the `mailto' scheme is supported."
  (interactive "e")
  (let* ((ae (mac-event-ae event))
         (parsed-url (url-generic-parse-url (mac-ae-text ae))))
    (if (string= (url-type parsed-url) "mailto")
          (url-mailto parsed-url)
          (select-frame-set-input-focus (selected-frame)))
      (mac-resume-apple-event ae t))))

It enables Emacs to act as a system default mailer by setting
preferences in Mail.app (and optionally customizing mail-user-agent).

                                     YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu

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