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info reversion: almost but not qui{te,et}

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: info reversion: almost but not qui{te,et}
Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2007 11:07:07 +0200
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there is some support for reverting an info buffer:

 ;; It's perhaps a bit nasty to kill the *info* buffer to force a
 ;; re-read, but at least it keeps this routine (which is only for the
 ;; benefit of makeinfo-buffer) out of the way of normal operations.
 (defun Info-revert-find-node (filename nodename) ...)

but that does not use the conventional `revert-buffer-function' dispatch
so here is a sketch that does:

 (defun Info-revert (ignore-auto noconfirm)
   (when (or noconfirm (y-or-n-p "Revert info buffer? "))
     (let ((filename Info-current-file)
           (node Info-current-node)
           (line (count-lines (point-min) (line-beginning-position)))
           (inhibit-read-only t))
       (Info-revert-find-node filename node)
       (message "Reverted %s" filename)
       (forward-line line))))
 (add-hook 'Info-mode-hook
           (lambda ()
             (set (make-local-variable 'revert-buffer-function)

this gives ok results but having to call `redisplay' annoys me (as
programmer: "inelegant!", as user: "bogus flashing!").  when i omit that
call, however, the `forward-line' seems to have no effect.  why would
that be?


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