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Re: messages override minibuffer input

From: Roland Winkler
Subject: Re: messages override minibuffer input
Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2007 17:18:43 +0200

On Mon Sep 17 2007 Richard Stallman wrote:
>       Another way to do it is to make such async-messages appear *after*
>       the current minibuffer's content (typically enclosed on backets,
>       as is done for completion messages).
> That method sounds good for some cases.  Maybe it is good for this
> case.  The next step is to propose specific conditions in which this
> method would be used.

My knowledge is limited when it can happen that messages can
override minibuffer input. Initially, I thought only of messages
from asynchronous processes like timer functions. Then I realized
that messages can also show up that refer to my current minibuffer
input. For example, I want to do a regexp search for which I enter
in the minibuffer something like "[}". Then I get the message
"Mismatched parentheses" that overwrites my minibuffer input.
Indeed, such messages have always confused me as much as the
messages from asynchronous processes. I cannot think of any
situation right now where it appears justified to me to overwrite
the display of the minibuffer while I edit the content of the
minibuffer. Stefan's suggestion appears much more transparent / less
confusing to me.


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