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Re: New start up splash screen annoyance...

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: New start up splash screen annoyance...
Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2007 20:33:04 +0200
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Richard Stallman <address@hidden> writes:

>     > Do people agree with this?  We could call them "left", "middle", and
>     > "right" in all our tooltips, if that is correct.
>     The problem is what to do about mouse-4 and so forth: they will look quite
>     out of place without 1, 2, and 3 coming before them.
> We have no standard bindings for mouse-4 except in Artist mode.
> And no tooltips mention it.

<mouse-4> (translated from <down-mouse-4> <down-mouse-4> <mouse-4>) at that 
spot runs the command mwheel-scroll
  which is an interactive compiled Lisp function in `mwheel.el'.
It is bound to <mouse-5>, <S-mouse-5>, <C-mouse-5>, <mouse-4>, <S-mouse-4>, 
(mwheel-scroll EVENT)

Scroll up or down according to the EVENT.
This should only be bound to mouse buttons 4 and 5.


> In that case, I guess we are ok changing mouse-1 to left and mouse-3
> to right.

I don't think that the purportive win in clarity offsets the
divergence from the actually used event names.  I think that we stand
no chance of winning any user to Emacs who would be at a loss about
what to think about mouse-1, mouse-2, mouse-3.

David Kastrup

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