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RE: generate 3) S-mouse-2: follow link in new window

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: generate 3) S-mouse-2: follow link in new window
Date: Sat, 29 Sep 2007 19:18:41 -0700

> > 3. It would also be helpful to bind `S-mouse-2' in Info to a
> >    command that follows an Info link in a new window. That way,
> >    a user could keep the `L' or the `I' buffer (or a TOC or an
> >    index or any other node) open while visiting
> >    its links in another window (or frame, with non-nil pop-up-frames).
> I now understood that you mean something different than I thought.
> It seems you want something like the "target" HTML link attribute,
> where clicking on different links in the index visits each link
> in the same separate window from the index window.  If it is what
> you meant, I'm unsure how feasible it is.

Now maybe I'm misunderstanding ;-). What you describe sounds like what I
mean. But it is also exactly what I sent in the patch. That's what
`Info-mouse-follow-nearest-node' does: it follows the link it's clicked on
in a new window. Maybe I don't understand you - how is what you now think I
mean different from `Info-mouse-follow-nearest-node'?

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