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RE: generate 3) S-mouse-2: follow link in new window

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: generate 3) S-mouse-2: follow link in new window
Date: Sat, 29 Sep 2007 19:19:59 -0700

> Because Emacs is configured right from the start not to work,

It sure is. That's why I proposed something that would make it work. ;-)

> but rather force the user to configure things
> and make permanent decisions
> permanently reconfigure the user's Emacs,
> taking his choice from him in future.
> casting this decision in stone   [from your preceding mail]

Permanent decisions? Permanently reconfigure? Nothing permanent about it.
Stop your scare tactics, please. By your same logic, such a "permanent
decision" is made now by you for the user - before s?he even starts up.

It is not my proposal that reduces user awareness, choices, and the ability
to control things - on the contrary. It will let users know: (1) that the
behavior can be changed and (2) which option to change. Currently, they
haven't got a clue.

> Do you ignore negative input on purpose?

I don't shy away from logical argument. Stefan, for instance, offered a
correction regarding the behavior with emacs -Q. Other arguments might
convince me that I'm completely wrong.

It's even happened that you, David, have presented an argument or two that
was convincing and made me change my mind. And I have not hesitated to show
my support when I agree with you on some issue. I don't particularly care
about you one way or the other, personally; it's the ideas that interest me,
yours or anyone else's. I do care about you, however, in that I sincerely
appreciate your service to Emacs and the Emacs community.

Although I don't avoid negative argument, I do try to ignore your
"permanently configured" knee-jerk slurs and vitriol. Alas, I don't always
succeed. I try not to take your nastiness personally; it is reassuring to
see you act similarly with others. ;-) Anyway, if I don't reply to your
negative input, it's likely that that is the reason - I perceive too much
heat, not enough light.

Technical arguments welcome. Save the bullying for the playground.

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