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Re: function-key-map

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: function-key-map
Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2007 01:19:54 -0400

    Yes, it's still very useful.  See for example how term/xterm.el uses both.
    Or term/x-win.el.  I.e. it's useful to give optional remapping corresponding
    to alternative key-names.

Can you put something in the Lisp manual explaining when it is right
to use `function-key-map'?  Perhaps cite and explain this example.

    I think it'd even be worthwhile to extend the functionality of
    function-key-map in the following ways:
    - make it possible to specify a "set of keys" to remap via e.g. a predicate.
    - apply function-key-map repeatedly (i.e. apply it to its output).

The second one would be natural (though it might break something), but
I think there is no natural way to do the former.  Maybe we should
move read-key-sequence into Lisp, but I don't want to try to program
it thru a keymap.

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