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Re: Improving X selection?

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Improving X selection?
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2007 10:21:43 -0400
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> AFAIK, Emacs conforms to this model.  However, C-y and M-w does not.  C-y 
> pastes PRIMARY, and M-w puts text in PRIMARY.  I guess this is historical.

> The change, if any, I'd like is that C-y and M-w operates on CLIPBOARD, and
> that PRIMARY is left to mouse operations.

I'd rather add new keybindings than change the behavior of the old one.
I never use the CLIPBOARD.

This said, maybe adding an option `fetch-selections-eagerly' which would
cause C-y to fetch "all" selections (and place them in the kill-ring), like
Tom's original proposal, sounds like a good plan.  We could use the same
config var to control the other feature I suggested here a few months ago
which is to fetch selections upon M-w as well.

This way, I could get my "seamless" behavior in the usual case where the
X connections are fast (and all involved applications are responsive), and
I could set this variable back to nil in the rare cases where it's a problem.


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