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Re: C-u prefix input (e.g., C-x f / set-fill-column)

From: Ulrich Mueller
Subject: Re: C-u prefix input (e.g., C-x f / set-fill-column)
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2007 19:30:24 +0200

>>>>> On Fri, 19 Oct 2007, Tassilo Horn wrote:

>> Wouldn't (current-column) be a reasonable default if no explicit
>> argument was given?

> I would object here.  (current-column) is a good default for
> `set-goal-column', but for `set-fill-column' I'd prefer if it queries
> the user if no prefix arg was given.

Hi Tassilo,

next time I shall read the source code _before_ posting. ;-)
Function set-fill-column contains the following comment:
;; Disallow missing argument; it's probably a typo for C-x C-f.

So the point is that plain "C-x f" should produce an error because it
is too similar to "C-x C-f". No default, and no further query.


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