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Re: Diff faces

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: Diff faces
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2007 23:55:55 +0300
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>> BTW, I think the current character-wise refinement in diff-mode and in
>> smerge-mode is not very useful.  More useful would be to refine it on the
>> word or symbol basis.  I have an experimental patch that produces good
>> results.  It splits original hunks symbol-by-symbol (though word-by-word
>> works as well) and compares them ignoring whitespace differences.
> I've installed a similar (tho significantly more complex) patch.
> Can you tell me if you like the new behavior?

The new behavior is excellent.  Thanks.  I think word granularity is
now more useful even when it highlights whole words that differ only
in one character.

BTW, smerge has a key binding `C-c ^ R' to refine differences, but
diff-mode has `C-c C-b'.  What about using more similar keys like
`C-c R' for diff-mode?  And maybe also add a special key to refine
without ignoring whitespace (by setting smerge-refine-ignore-whitespace
temporarily to nil, or vice versa depending on its customized value)
and to bind it to e.g. `C-c W' and `C-c ^ W'?

Juri Linkov

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