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Re: CVS trunk emacsclient: X11 connection rejected

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: Re: CVS trunk emacsclient: X11 connection rejected
Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2007 20:47:53 -0400
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Jan Djärv wrote:

> This is a ssh error message. It usually means that forwarding is not
> working and sometimes the X11UseLocalhost option to sshd fixes it.
> I think in your case the first emacs you start has a different
> DISPLAY than emacsclient and then the ~/.Xauthority does not match.
> Maybe an ssh(d) upgrade caused this problem? Or as you indicate, the
> multitty stuff has changed how Emacs uses DISPLAY:s. IT can also be
> so simple as some of your home directories can't be written to or
> ~/.Xauthority is not writable.

I guess it wasn't clear: I've got both Emacs 22 and CVS trunk
installed. With 22 client/server, it works; with trunk it fails as
described. So it can't be anything like home directory permissions. It
can only be a ssh problem if it is one that has remained hidden until
the recent changes to emacsclient/server have somehow brought it to
light. I have no other problems with ssh X11 forwarding.

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