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Re: finish version test cleanup: Lucid

From: Dan Nicolaescu
Subject: Re: finish version test cleanup: Lucid
Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2007 17:45:13 -0700

Jay Belanger <address@hidden> writes:

  > Glenn Morris <address@hidden> writes:
  > ...
  > >>> ./calc/calc.el:825:(defvar calc-emacs-type-lucid (not (not 
(string-match "Lucid" emacs-version))))
  > >
  > > Don't know.
  > No XEmacs support has been removed from Emacs's Calc, but none has been
  > added as new features have been added, so I don't know if the current
  > version will work with XEmacs.  XEmacs has it's own version of Calc,
  > although I don't think it has been updated for a while.

That is fine.
Is the goal of that code to test if calc is running on XEmacs?  
If yes, then replacing calc-emacs-type-lucid with (featurep 'xemacs) is
better. The featurep test can be completely optimized away at compile
time, and it is as readable an a tiny bit shorter. Doing that will
make the byte compiler not to warn about missing XEmacs functions.

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