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Re: Emacs.app (Cocoa/GNUstep port) release and feature list

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Emacs.app (Cocoa/GNUstep port) release and feature list
Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2007 10:29:46 -0500
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Thanks Adrian.  It all sounds pretty good.  Except:

> - Keyboard handling: Support platform "Command" key as "Super".

>   The Command key is an extra key on this platform relative to typical
> X hardware.  Mapping it to Super and setting up appropriate
> keybindings allows Emacs to support full CUA keybindings on these
> systems without interfering with standard emacs Control and Meta
> bindings.

I hope that this is customizable for people such as myself who are more
familiar with Emacs than CUA and who find Apple's command and alt keys
a bit too small and tend to have trouble hitting one of them rather than
other and prefer to map them both to `meta'.

> - Menus: Prefer Super bindings in display of shortcuts.
>   This causes display of CUA bindings, similar to other platform apps.

And of course, if the command->Super mapping is not used, these Super
bindings should not appear in the menus (tho it wouldn't matter much
for me).

I looked at the sourceforge page and I couldn't find the sources in
the CVS.  Are you using a revision control system?  If not, why not, and
especially why not just put it all in Emacs's CVS repository?  If yes,
where is it?


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