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Re: invisible

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: invisible
Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2007 13:59:24 -0500
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>> Hmm... I didn't notice that part.  But then do they also appear with
>> a line-move-ignore-invisible set to nil and a disable-point-adjustment
>> set to t?  I would guess not (this case being trivial).
>> If so, maybe the solution is to do as I suggested: get rid of
>> line-move-ignore-invisible and use (not disable-point-adjustment) in
>> its place.

> FWIW, the following seems to work: Disable point-adjustment in
> interactive use of `next-line' and `previous-line' and apply one of my
> earlier proposed changes.

So IIUC replacing line-move-ignore-invisible with
(not global-disable-point-adjustment) would solve the problem as well, right?

> !           (unless line-move-ignore-invisible
> !             ;; Interactively, disable point-adjustment when
> !             ;; `line-move-ignore-invisible' is nil.
> !             (setq disable-point-adjustment t))

Why not put this directly inside `line-move' so it's not duplicated?


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