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Re: split-window-preferred-function

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: split-window-preferred-function
Date: Fri, 04 Apr 2008 16:21:01 -0400
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>>>> I don't see how this would help to decide whether to split a window
>>>> vertically or horizontally, or to display a buffer in a new window.
>>> The order of the splitting functions in the hypothetical
>>> `split-window-functions' list would express the preference.  Each
>>> function checks if it's applicable (wrt to
>>> split-{width,height}-threshold) and returns nil, if it's not.
>> I still think this is wrong: the choice should be based on
>> split-window-preferred-aspect-ratio.

> I cannot imagine how that would work.  Especially what would prevent
> splitting to create windows which are too narrow?

The height and width thresholds would, of course.


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