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Re: Obsolete functions and variables

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Obsolete functions and variables
Date: Sat, 12 Apr 2008 01:34:25 -0400
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> In that case, perhaps the macros should have been called
> define-deprecated-variable-alias and define-deprecated-function-alias.
> The word obsolete has a pretty clear meaning and is misleading when
> used in this way.

The intention is to remove them.  But the way it works, basically is:
mark it as obsolete.  Which in turn makes people stop using them, and
when people have stopped using them, we can remove them.
It may take a *long* time for people to stop using them.

And it may happen that people don't stop using them because the
alternatives aren't really good enough, in which case we may need to
improve the new interface, or we may need to de-obsolete
the functionality.  It may also happen that people don't stop using them
because they want to stay compatible with XEmacs and that XEmacs has
decided to not support the new interface.  But the intention is still
the same: a functionality marked as "obsolete" is scheduled for removal.

Can we close this discussion?  A more useful one would be to do the work
of checking obsoleted functions/variables/packages and see which ones
can be removed because they're not used any more.


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