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Re: patch for optional inhibit of delete-other-windows(IDE feature)

From: joakim
Subject: Re: patch for optional inhibit of delete-other-windows(IDE feature)
Date: Mon, 28 Apr 2008 13:14:18 +0200
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<address@hidden> writes:

> Hi,
> first of all thanks!
> But some remarks:
> I'm sure Emacs should offer out-of-the-box internal concepts to allow IDEs 
> like ECB setting up a window-management-engine as needed by a modern IDE - 
> this includes stuff like preventing a window from being deleted by 
> delete-other-windows and something more which has been already discussed...
> But: I'm not sure if doing this a c-level is the right way. Why? IMHO ECB 
> should be runable with Emacs as well with XEmacs. And if all these 
> window-enhancements would be done at c-level at Emacs then the 
> incompatibilities between Emacs and XEmacs would become more and more...
> Of course Emacs and XEmacs are already quite incompatible but IMHO such 
> important basic stuff like preventing windows from some operations should be 
> a concept both flavors should support identically - at least concerning the 
> programming interface a tool like ECB would see and use...
> Your opinion?

This was discussed on emacs-devel, and the emacs maintainers prefered
the C level implementation for various reasons.

IMHO this C level patch is fairly simple so it should be possible to
apply it to xemacs also, although I dont know much about xemacs.
Maybe someone more familiar with xemacs would care to comment. 

I think its difficult to implement this particular interface on the lisp
level, but I might be mistaken. The interface being that you bind a
plist to the windows object, with properties that modifies the behaviour
of windows operations.

Currently the interface appears to become very simple, and I would like
to solicit opinions about it:

- A window property that allows you to "pin" the window, or rather
  inhibit delete-other-windows for it. This is currently implemented.

- A window property that allows you to group windows together, such
  that other-window only cycles between windows in the group.

>From my understanding of the ECB, these two properties would help to
implement much of the current functionality ECB now uses advice for.   

> Ciao,
> Klaus
> address@hidden wrote:

Joakim Verona

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