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Ready to start serious work on VC mode again

From: Eric S. Raymond
Subject: Ready to start serious work on VC mode again
Date: Mon, 28 Apr 2008 14:19:32 -0400 (EDT)

Cleaning up Battle For Wesnoth for the big stable 1.4 release, and
dealing with the aftermath, took longer and ate more of my bandswidth
than expected.  But I'm ready to restart serious work on VC now.

Rumor reached me that RMS chose bzr for our next version control
system while I was gone.  While I think the essentially political
("it's a GNU project") reasoning I heard of behind this was a very poor
way to make that sort of decision, I can live with it.  I suspect
either hg or git wiould have mmade a better technical choice, but it's
not as though bzr actively sucks...

What effort, if any, is being put into migrating the CVS version
history?  I'd be willing to help with that.

What's the state of play on deploying an issue tracker?

I have Dan Nicolaeacu's VC todo list; there are several entries I
think I can knock off pretty quickly.  Big props to Dan for his
excellent work.

Are there any know, urgent VC bugs I should address first?

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